A busy start to 2016!

It’s been a cold and busy start to 2016!  That is a good thing 😀

First of all we had a spattering of snow…..nothing like everyone up the east coast of the US and Canada….we don’t do snow properly in Western Europe 😉

DSCF2639.JPGThis is a photo of our back garden covered in what we call icing sugar! LOL  Well, really, it was enough snow to have all the children in the neighbourhood excited and sledging down every available hill and grassy slope!

This is just the perfect weather for hunkering down in your favourite pjs and make a ton of delicious and nutritious soup, isn’t it?  DSCF2624.JPG

So, I took a look in the cupboards and found a can of three bean salad, some red cabbage, pasatta, two onions, potatoes and carrots….the start of something good! 😉

I also added a healthy splash of Lea & Perrins (Worcestershire sauce (pronounced wooster’shu 😉 ), and a vegetable stock cube.  I chopped to my heart’s content and whacked it all in the pressure cooker with water, of course, and went back to work…..yes, I was working!

And when I had finished my home was filled with the lovely aroma of homemade soup!

DSCF2626Et voilà!

I’ve been productive with baking …. I really do enjoy baking. I don’t enjoy cleaning up afterwards though. LOL Flour is a pest for clinging to surfaces that you thought you’d already cleaned! 😛

Chocolate chip cookies…..  DSCF2629.JPG

Shortbread…..  DSCF2636

Gorgeous, yummy bread rolls…..  DSCF2640

And, most hilarious of all…..exploding and expanding bread dough in the fridge, yes, fridge!! :-O

It was so funny to open the fridge one morning and see this!DSCF2642  It literally burst out of the tub and broke it! Argh!

I obviously seem to be using some kind of mega-yeast! hehehehe!

On the plus side of this, it made tons of rolls, pittas, and even a loaf! :-O

LOL Abundance!

Happy Frugalling! x


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