All aboard the HMS Frugality!

“All aboard, who’s going aboard!”

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a frugal lifestyle. Paying off one’s debts and changing how one lives is a journey. Hence the fact that we call our home the HMS Frugality.DSCF2620

We followed Elaine Colliar from MFin3‘s advice and we started with the food. I’m pleased to say that in only 6 days we have managed to stock the freezer with 16 portions – meals ranging from cottage pie to chili-con-veggie to cauliflower and potato curry. I’m quite pleased with that to be honest. It’ll be great to defrost a meal and not have to stand and prep.

So what’s the next phase, you ask! ❓

Finances…..bleurgh!  Yep the serious stuff. 😮

No one, not even accountants, want to come home from work and go through their bank accounts and sort stuff out. Fact. So, I don’t want to lump all that onto hubby as soon as he comes home each evening.  Therefore, I will have to suggest bite size 15 minute chunks to do each evening until we have all the fat trimmed off our accounts. You know what I mean, things we’re paying for and have forgotten about, magazine subscriptions, cable TV (if you pay for TV), etc.

Once all the fat is trimmed, I shall go through the figures again and see if we come out in the black or in the red….hope for black please! 😉

Then, one-by-one, I will go through the bills. This will be stage 3. Elaine Colliar suggests checking utility bill deals every quarter (every three months) to make sure you are on the best tariff. I think this is wisdom – right there! These companies do have a nasty habit of hiking prices up without informing their customers and we all have no idea until a fat, nasty-looking bill lands on our doormat!  Ain’t going there!  I thought about going through U-switch. If you know of any others, do comment kcKRAB6cjbelow and let us know – we want the best deals out there, after all!

So, let’s board this ship and move on to stage 2 sorting the accounts! 😉

God bless this ship and all who sail in her! 😀


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