The Best Slippers in the World!

I recently had the misfortune, whilst away visiting family, to discover, much to my own deep embarrassment, that both of my slippers had rather large gaping holes in them! :-O

I was mortified!  So the hunt was on for a new pair.  I like a ballerina pump-style slipper but without a sold sole. I like those sticky-rubbery pad things on the sole, so they’re more like a snuggly sock than a traditional slipper.

We went shopping and could I find something I liked? No!

I found something similar but with a sole and they were £12….my jaw dropped!  For a pair of slippers!!

So I had a revelation….crochet your own slippers, woman! 😀

Off to the internet, I went……. and found this utterly, GORGEOUS pattern by PurlBee.

I recently learnt to crochet granny DSCF2613squares. They are so easy to make, can be used for loads of projects, so now I keep a little stockpile for the future! 😉

The slipper pattern is made with 6 granny squares of 3 rows per square, per slipper. Easy-peasy!


This is the photo I took on my phone with it’s poor camera!

They are so cute!  A cross between a Turkish slipper and a pixie shoe! LOL

And here they are a few weeks after I made them, well worn! DSCF2615

Now I have found a love of crochet, I will keep on keeping on.  I am making a blanket for the bed, which may be completed by next winter at this rate! 😉 and lots of squares; one lot might end up as a groovy 70s-style cardigan 😀

Another good thing about making crocheted Granny squares is that once you get the hang of them, you can do them any time; while watch TV or even while working! 😉


So, then, I hear you cry; why are these the best slippers in the world? Well, because a) I made them myself, b) they didn’t cost a penny (the wool was a gift for my birthday), and c) they’re so comfortable! Result!

Home-made crocheted slippers really are the best in the world!

Happy crocheting and frugalling!  x




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